Samia Sumbul

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Asalam O Alikum,

This is Samia Sumbal. I am doing MBA Marketing. NCS is playing a vital role to develop my personality, skills & professionalism in me & the implementation of these abilities are putting a great value in my career.

I am grateful to my bounteous faculty & candid management for their help & support. I am NCS & I need to represent it with my ability, professionalism & honestly. I am proud to be NCS’ian we are the ambassadors of our school, college & institute above all we the ambassadors of our country Pakistan.

I wish NCS to keep producing more professionals that can compete with the world & make NCS proud.

Aimel Mustafa

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I am working in Pushto 1 channel as a host. Before joining at NCS- University System in MBA program I was unable to face my class, but know with the grace of ALLAH and the support of NCS teaching and admin staff I am able to face the whole world in media. I am extremely thankful to NCS and will be always praying for the bright future.

Kashif Khurshed

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When I passed my I came to NCS University System and got admission in MBA. This was my major change in my course getting admission in MBA rather than I was determined to succeed in a career that was of high scope.

Getting admitted in NCS, put me under the feeling that I had rightly started my journey towards achieving my objective and my dreams were becoming true; however after mid-term examination, my result was discouraging and I thought that I would not be able to achieve my objective as planned. In my co-curriculum activities I found myself not very good but NCS provided me some opportunities to organize some events like Grand Parties, Movie Nights, Funfairs, Sports weeks and much more and I successfully organized it with support of NCS.

My advice to students in a similar situation is not to give up. When I changed my major, I honestly thought I was a failure. However, I quickly realized that the only failure in me was the failure to believe in myself. It's hard to accept at first, but eventually you'll pull through and enjoy the rest of your short university years.

Nouman Ihsas

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I originally choose NCS-University because of the Good quality education and the talented lecturers.

Everyone's university days have the memories they can cherish and treasure for life. University days are the most joyful and fun filled with many mysteries to solve.

NCS University has given me the opportunity to achieve goals I had never imagined to be possible. The faculty is very supportive, and has introduced me to so many contacts that have put me on the right path in achieving my goal of one day being a successful individual. Getting involved with the Business Students’ Association and many competitions, have all led me to so many new friends and people who share the same ambitions and dreams that I have. With all the support of the staff and students, I am proud to say that NCS University has become my home away from home.

I believe that the NCS University was the right decision for me and it should be for you too!